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Diploma in Cold Storage Supervisor

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A Cold Storage supervisor is responsible for overseeing various activities involved in the Cold Storage.


Course Name: Diploma in Cold Storage Supervisor

Course Id: DCSS/Q7505.
Education Qualification: 10th Pass.

Duration: 370 Hrs.

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Duration- 60 minutes in each Module.
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Maximum Marks- 600, Passing Marks- 40%.
There is No Negative marking in this module.

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Diploma in Cold Storage Supervisor

Name of PaperM. Marks Pass Marks
Introduction of Cold Storage Supervisor10040
various refrigeration techniques10040
safety, hygiene and sanitation for storage10040
Supervise the cold storage workers10040
Maintain Cold Storage infrastructure10040
Maintain Health and safety at cold storage premises10040


Introduction of Cold Storage Supervisor

Understand general discipline in the class room (Do’s & Don’ts) Study the scope of preservation/storage,  of fruits and vegetables  Understand the role of a Cold Storage,  Supervisor Estimate the required resources as per the market needs  Identify the Potential supplier,   Contact the supplier and place the order,  for purchasing of the resource  Procurement of Quality resource/ input,  Record the input received, defects, etc,  Understand the Quality Standard,   Check the Quality of the produce,  Basic knowledge of procure specific,  diseases. Understand the cold storage environment and working conditions, Maintain Cold Storage infrastructure – Perform visual inspection.

Various refrigeration techniques

Clean and maintain the cleanliness of the work area using approved sanitizers and keep it free from dust, waste, flies and pests, Ensure that the work area is safe and hygienic for food processing, Dispose waste materials as per defined SOP’s and industry requirements, Check the working and performance of all equipments used in storage facility such as compressor, condenser, evaporator, fans, sensors, thermostat, humidity meter, etc. Clean the equipments used with approved sanitizers following SOP, Attend minor repairs/faults of all equipments, if required.

 Safety, hygiene and sanitation for storage

Comply with food safety and hygiene procedures followed in the organization, Ensure personal hygiene by using of gloves, hairnets, masks, ear plugs, goggles, shoes, etc, Ensure hygienic production of food by inspecting raw materials, ingredients, finished products, etc. For compliance to physical, chemical and microbiological parameters, Pack products in appropriate packaging materials, label and store them in designated area, free from pests, flies and infestations, Clean, maintain and monitor food processing equipment periodically, using it only for the purpose.

Supervise the cold storage workers

Estimate and procure required resource: Introduction to Cold,  Storage, Estimate the required resource, Identification of Supplier, Undertake procurement of required resources and Undertake Quality Check of the same, Supervise the workers: Distribution of work among the workers, guide and direct the workers, supervision of worker, Understand and divide the work as per the priority  Distribute the work among workers,  Monitor the workers,  Guide the workers,  Understand the problems of the worker.

Maintain Cold Storage infrastructure

Understand the cold storage environment and working conditions  Maintain Cold Storage infrastructure, – Perform visual inspection – Check all the equipments – Identify the problems – Temperature adjustment – Ventilation requirement – Hygiene maintenance, perform visual inspection of Cold storage equipments daily, .check that all Cold storage equipments are in working and usable condition, .ensure that all machines are in working properly, get the equipments and tools cleaned by workers periodically, get the equipments and tools repaired whenever they are not in Working condition, perform visual inspection of the store room infrastructure periodically as per standards, ensure that external wall are well packed, .ensure the condition of the drainage system are cleaned, check that there is no seepage in the walls, get the Cold storage and its surrounding area cleaned, ensure that empty rooms are cleaned thoroughly after finishing each lots.

Maintain Health and safety at cold storage premises

Understand the safety measures at work place  Familiarize with different operational,  and occupational hazards  Follow relevant BIS/ISO/IS rules and, regulations  Maintain general safety measures of,  Cold Storage  Maintain a clean,  & efficient work environment  Familiarize with HACCP,   Render appropriate emergency,  procedures  Familiarize with basic Disaster,  Management, identify accidental risks to Cold storage workers and bystanders and actions to be taken to reduce these risks, identify work for which protective clothing or equipment is required, ensure that Cold storage workers wear appropriate protective clothing or use equipment while performing those duties.