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Diploma in Quality Management

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Quality Management Courses deal with the consistency of any product or service provided by any organization. The course teaches the skills to create and manage quality.


Course Name: Diploma in Quality Management

Course Id: DQM/Q1001.
Education Qualification: 12th Pass.
Course and Exam Fee: 6000.

How You will Get Diploma Certificate:

Step 1- Select your Course for Certification.

Step 2- Click on Enroll Now.

Step 3- Proceed to Enroll Now.

Step 4- Fill Your Billing Details and Proceed to Pay.

Step 5- You Will be Redirected to Payment Gateway, Pay Course and Exam Fee by Following Options.

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Step 6- After Payment You will receive Study Material and Online Examination link on your email id.

Step 7- After Completion of  Course Study give Online Examination.

Step 8- After Online Examination within 7 days you will get Diploma Certificate soft copy(Scan Copy) and Hard Copy(Original With Seal and Sign) within 30 days.

Step 9- After Certification you will receive Prospect Job Opportunities as per your Interest Area.

Online Examination Detail:

Duration- 60 minutes.
No. of Questions- 30. (Multiple Choice Questions).
Maximum Marks- 600, Passing Marks- 40%.
There is No Negative marking in this module.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification.
  • Certificate Valid for Lifetime.
  • Lifetime Verification of Certificate.
  • Free Job Assistance as per your Interest Area.

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Diploma in Quality Management
Name of PaperM. Marks Pass Marks
Quality Management System and Quality Standards10040
Quality Management Principles10040
Challenges Faced by Organization in a Fast-Moving dynamic environment10040
Leadership within the Management System10040
Planning Within the Management System10040
Planning of Resource Requirement10040
Operational Planning and Control10040


Quality Management System and Quality Standards

Understanding of the laws, principles and phenomena in the field of quality management, Introduction to Quality Management,  History of Quality,  Basic QM principles, Implementing QM in Oil and Gas industry, History of International Organization for Standardization, ISO members, ISO standards and rules, Introduction – Definitions and objectives – Factors influencing construction quality – Responsibilities and authority – Quality plan – Quality Management Guidelines – Quality circles – Quality system standard – ISO 9000 family of standards – Requirements .

Quality Management Principles

Statistical Process Control: Pareto Diagram, Process Flow Diagram, Cause and Effect Diagram, Histograms, Control Charts, State of Control, Process Capability, Scatter Diagrams, Relationship Diagram, Affinity Diagram, Tree Diagram, Matrix Diagram, Matrix Data Analysis Diagram, Process Decision Program Diagram and Arrow Diagram, Other tools of Quality Management, Benchmarking, Quality Function Deployment, Quality by Design, FMEA Concepts, Total Productivity Management Concepts, Taguchi‟s Quality Engineering.

Challenges Faced by Organization in a Fast-Moving dynamic environment

Importance, Types, Barriers to communication, Communication as a tool for improving Interpersonal Effectiveness, Nature, Types, Why do people join groups, Group Cohesiveness & Group Decision Making- managerial Implications, Effective Team Building, Leadership & management, Theories of leadership- Trait theory, Behavioural Theory, Contingency Theory, Leadership & Followership, How to be an Effective Leader, Introduction to HRM, Selection, Orientation ,Training & Development, Performance Appraisal, Incentives.

Leadership within the Management System

Business Acumen – Economic Fundamentals, Strategic Management and Value, Business Acumen – Accounting/Finance, Strategic Communication, Business Acumen – Operations, Marketing, Business Acumen – Human Resources, Legal/Ethics, Leadership – Trait & Skills Approach, Followership, Behavioural & Situational Approach, Culture & Leadership, Meet with the Instructor, Path-Goal Theory & Leader-Member Exchange, Theory, Gender & Leadership, Transformational, Authentic & Servant Leadership.

Planning Within the Management System

Humanities and Social Science Courses, Humanities and Social Science Courses, Urban and Regional Planning Core Courses, Professional Elective Courses, Open Elective Courses, Dissertation and Professional Training, Audit Courses, Economics and Sociology, Fundamentals of Management, Introduction to Philosophy, Planning History and Theory, Planning Techniques, Transport Planning, Housing and Environment Planning, Metropolitan Regional Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Risks, Disaster Mitigation and Management.

Planning of Resource Requirement

Enterprise – An Overview, Integrated Management Information, Business Modelling, Integrated Data Model, Business Processing Reengineering(BPR), Data Warehousing, Data Mining, On-line Analytical Processing(OLAP), Supply Chain Management (SCM),Customer Relationship Management(CRM), MIS – Management Information System, DSS – Decision Support System, EIS – Executive Information System, Reduction of Lead-Time, On-time Shipment, Reduction in Cycle Time, Improved Resource Utilization, Better Customer Satisfaction, Improved Supplier Performance, Increased Flexibility.

Operational Planning and Control

Introduction, Operations Functions in Organizations, Historical development, Framework for managing operations, The trend: Information and Non-manufacturing systems, Definition of Operations management, Factors affecting productivity, International dimensions of productivity, The environment of operations, Introduction, Management as a science, Characteristics of decisions, Framework for decision making, Decision methodology, Decision Tree Problems, Economic models- Break-even analysis in operations, P/V ratio. System Design and Capacity: Introduction, Manufacturing and service systems, Design and systems capacity, Capacity planning.


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