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Diploma in Product and Brand Management

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When a company makes its products and services attached to its audience is branding.

and how the product reaches the customers and generates value for them is product management.

In the product development process, product managers focus on how the product meets the company’s

positioning and how it delivers the brand.


Course Name: Diploma in Product and Brand Management
Course Id: DPBM/Q1001.
Education Qualification: 12th Pass.
Course and Exam Fee: 5000.

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Diploma in Product and Brand Management
Name of PaperM. MarksPass Marks
Introduction to Product & Product Related Concepts10040
Marketing Organization & Types, Marketing Planning10040
Planning & Implementing Brand Marketing Programs10040
Identifying & Establishing Brand Positioning10040
Strategic Brand Management Process10040
Competitor Analysis10040


Introduction to Product & Product Related Concepts

Product, Price Decision, – Place Decision: Channels of Distribution, Promotion, Emerging Trends in Marketing, Meaning, importance of Product in Marketing, Discussion of Product Life Cycle, Understanding the role, importance of packaging and labelling, The Associated Features, The Brand Name, The differentiated product, The customized product, The augmented product, The Potential Product, Market demand.

Marketing Organization & Types, Marketing Planning

Evolution of market, meaning and definition of market, meaning and definition of marketing, marketing arena, objectives of marketing, generation of profits, creation of goodwill and public image, apply effective and intelligent modern marketing policies, Creates Employment, Helpful in Development of an Economy, Helps in Transfer, Exchange and Movement of goods, Approaches of marketing, Institutional Approach, Functional Approach.

Planning & Implementing Brand Marketing Programs

Understanding the Consumers & Competitors and the Brand, Crafting the Brand, Measuring the Brand, Managing the Brand, Introduction to the Course: Branding & Brand Strategy and Planning Fundamentals, Understanding the Brand Value: Brand Equity Frameworks, Creating and Measuring Brand Value, Advertising and the marketing process, Media planning and selection, Campaign planning and lunching,  Message designing and development, advertising budgeting, Corporate Advertising, Managing Brands; Brands Creation, Brand Extensions, Brand-product Relationships, Brand Portfolio.

Identifying & Establishing Brand Positioning

Definition, Importance of Branding, Difference between Brand and Product, Process of Branding, Core Identity, Extended Identity, Brand Identity Traps, Importance of Brand Positioning, Perceptual Mapping, The Importance of Creating Brand, Attributes that Affect Brand Personality, Factors that affect Brand Personality, Brand Personality Models: Line Extension, Brand Building, Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Brand Personality, Brand Leverage, and Branding Strategies.

Strategic Brand Management Process

Define the main concepts and explain the purpose of branding, Examine brand concepts in a real-life setting by articulating the context of and the rationale for the application, Describe the process and methods of brand management, including how to establish brand identity and build brand equity, Conduct a brand audit using both primary and secondary sources and propose strategic recommendations based on the audit results, Compose, assess, and incorporate individual input to produce effective team project output, Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity, 5th Edition, by Kevin Lane Keller.

Competitor Analysis

Grading, Code of conduct, Introduction and overview, Basic pricing, Price discrimination by indicators, Price discrimination by self-selection, Dynamic oligopoly analysis, Entry and exit, Mergers and acquisitions: Firm strategy and public policy, what is an industry? Lecture: The value of flexibility, Competitor Analysis, Related concepts, the importance of competitor analysis, External influences, How to carry out competitor analysis, Gathering competitor intelligence, from information to intelligence, Communicating the intelligence.