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Diploma in Pattern Master

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It trains the students to draft and create various creative garments. The Diploma in Pattern Making and Garment Manufacturing aims to master the skills of the students who are interested in developing paper patterns for creative designs and bring them to life by using garment manufacturing techniques.





Course Name: Diploma in Pattern Master

Course Id: DPM/Q0001.
Education Qualification: 10th Class.
Course and Exam Fee: 3000.

Certification Process under Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) Mode.

How You will Get Diploma Certificate:

Step 1- Select your Course for Certification.

Step 2- Click on Enroll Now.

Step 3- Proceed to Enroll Now.

Step 4- Fill Your Billing Details and Proceed to Pay.

Step 5- You Will be Redirected to Payment Gateway, Pay Course and Exam Fee by Following Options.

Card(Debit/Credit), Wallet, Paytm, Net banking, UPI and Google pay.

Step 6- After Payment You will receive Study Material and Online Examination link on your email id.

Step 7- After Completion of  Course Study give Online Examination.

Step 8- After Online Examination within 7 days you will get Diploma Certificate soft copy(Scan Copy) and Hard Copy(Original With Seal and Sign) within 30 days.

Step 9- After Certification you will receive Prospect Job Opportunities as per your Interest Area.

Online Examination Detail:

Duration- 60 minutes.

No. of Questions- 30. (Multiple choice Questions).

Maximum Marks- 600, Passing Marks- 40%.

There is No Negative marking in this module.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification.
  • Certificate Valid for Lifetime.
  • Lifetime Verification of Certificate.
  • Free Job Assistance as per your Interest Area.

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Diploma in Pattern Master
Name of PaperM. MarksPass Marks
Introduction to Pattern Master10040
Post pattern making activities10040
Develop pattern as Per Techpack10040
Prepare for Making patterns as Per Techpack10040
Interpreting the techpack10040
Fabric Fundamentals10040


Introduction to Pattern Master

Describe the size and scope of the apparel industry.  Explain roles and responsibilities of, Pattern Master’, Describe various employments, opportunities for a ‘Pattern Master’ in the apparel industry.  Describe the apparel production process, and the role that the ‘Pattern Master’ plays in the process. Explain the importance of effective communication, Communicate effectively with others, Follow standards of personal grooming and hygiene, Follow organization procedures and maintain personal health and hygiene and avoid habits like ghutka, tobacco etc.

Post pattern making activities

Identify the organization’s capability of incorporating changes as per the result of inspection.  Explain how to design sketches, sewing,  and sample specifications.  Identify the property of fabric used for,  stitching the product.  Explain how to calculate the consumption, of fabric per garment. Check sketches, design specifications to meet quantities, shapes and sizes of pattern parts.  Check the tech pack for measurements, and cutting details wherever required Identify the cutting process required to cut the pattern.  Identify the stitching process required to, stitch the product of the pattern developed.  Test pattern by making garment sample to,check fit, fall, and other aesthetic attributes.  Complete the stitch of the product, Review pattern against developed product.

Develop pattern as per Techpack

Explain the specifications required to create the pattern using tech pack, draping etc.  Describe the size charts used for, garments, made ups and home furnishing.  Identify the components of the products for, which the pattern is to be created.  Demonstrate the laying of the pattern, sheet on the table.  Create paper patterns of various, components like (pockets, button holes, pleats, etc.).  Demonstrate the marking of the details on, the pattern like notches, grain lines, sizes, number of the pieces to be cut.  Demonstrate the addition of the seam, allowance wherever required.  Explain the meaning of bulk production. Explain the principles of pattern marking, for bulk production.  Demonstrate the use of computer, applications to create pattern.

Prepare for Making patterns as Per Techpack

Describe the types of grain-line.  Identify the grain lines on the fabric. Explain the types of patterns.  Identify the grain lines on the pattern.  Identify the types of cutting equipment. Describe the handling of cutting and marking tools and equipment.  Explain the use of grading devices as per standard size chart.  Explain the methods of grading.  Demonstrate the method of taking, measurements.  Describe the sewing operations and techniques used in them.  Describe different methods of pattern making such as flat pattern method, draping method, drafting method, and other methods such as reverse engineering.

Interpreting the techpack

Explain how to interpret information contained in techpack.  Clarify information in the techpack from concerned designer and merchandiser in case of doubts.  Explain the notations and symbols used in the techpack.  Incorporate and accommodate review inputs alongside the techpack, to enable the students understand the fashion language & skills of communication for visualization of garment, Understand the importance of aesthetic aspect of product or environment to consumer, Understand the nature of aesthetic experience.

Fabric Fundamentals

Identify the customer requirements in context of organization capability.  Collect, comprehend and compile, information from various sources viz. designer/buyer/merchandiser.  Identify the different types of fabrics Identify the types of trims and accessories. Explain the properties of types of fabrics and their trade names.  Describe different types of garments (tops, skirts, shirts, etc.) made ups and home furnishing articles. Explain the use of basic computer software like MS-Excel, MSWord, and CAD etc.


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