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Diploma in Palmistry

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Palmistry, also called chiromancy or chirosophy, reading of character and divination of the future by interpretation of lines and undulations on the palm of the hand. The origins of palmistry are uncertain. It may have begun in ancient India and spread from there. The objective is to evaluate a person’s character and aspects of their life by studying the palm of their hand


Course Name: Diploma in Palmistry

Course Id: DP/Q0001.
Education Qualification: 10th Class.
Course and Exam Fee: 5000.

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Online Examination Detail:

Duration- 60 minutes.

No. of Questions- 30. (Multiple choice Questions).

Maximum Marks- 600, Passing Marks- 40%.

There is No Negative marking in this module.

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Diploma in Palmistry
Name of PaperM. Marks Pass Marks
History of Palmistry10040
Study of Fingers and Nails10040
Medical Palmistry10040
Study of hands10040
Mounts, Planets & Lines10040


History of Palmistry

What is palmistry, science of palmistry, benefit of palmistry, scope of palmistry, early history, modern development, classifications of hand as per structure, classification of hand as per color, classification of hand as per thumb, study of index finger, study of middle finger, study of ring finger, study of little ginger, study of thumb, study of structure of nail, study of color of nail, study of sign and symbols on nail, basic study of mounts, position of the planets, basic study of lines, occult science special, Types of hand reading, zodiac place in hand, pilgrimage in hand, graho ke karkatwa, master in palmistry, ring of higher education, ring of saturn, ring of sun, ring of mercury, line of moon, ring of venus, study of mountains in palm.

Study of Fingers and Nails

Study of jupiter mountain, study of saturn mountain, study of sun mountain, study of mercury mountain, study of mars mountain, study of moon mountain, study of venus mountain, study of rahu mountain, study of ketu mountain, study of palm lines, study of life line, study of head line, study of heart line, study of fate line, study of children line, study of sun line, study of mercury line, study of mars line, study of foreign line, study of symbols, timing of events, denial of marriage, love, separation, marriage, symptoms of extra marital affairs.

Medical Palmistry

Introduction, Beyond Traditional Palmistry, The classification of the hands according to the elements, Dermatoglyphics, A Few early fingerprint pioneers, Dermatoglyphic and fingerprint patterns : a scientific outlook, The Henry Classification of Fingerprint Patterns, The Fingerprint Pattern types, A Few characteristics of the Glyphs, Born Without Finger pints, Indication of a whorl on different finger tips, Medical Palmistry, Location of Health Problems on the thumb, The Psychological and Motivational Areas on the Palm, The Psychological Balance, The Chromosomes, the ridges and the lines, The Simian Line and the Sydney line.

Study of hands

Introduction, Patients and Methods, Major Hand Lines, Conclusion, Palmistry: Personality Vs Future, Understanding the Basic Personality, Touch of Hand, Shape of Hand, Size of Fingers, Nails, Qualities of Fingers, Mountains, Principles of Palmistry, Important Signs and Their Meaning, Main Lines, Interpretations of Lines, Diseases in Hand, Finger Prints, Art of Interpretation, Practice on Real Hand Prints, Application of Palmistry for answering the questions, Remedies, Vedic Astrology, Basic calculations and meanings, Preparing a Horoscope, Principles of Astrology, Effects of planets in houses, Horoscope Matching, Horoscope Reading.

Mounts, Planets & Lines

The lines of the hand- an introduction, the lines of the hand in Hindu palmistry, the line of life or vitality, the line of head/ mentality, the line of heart, the line of Saturn/ destiny, the line of Apollo/sun, the line of mercury, the lines of influence, the line of affection, the line of mars, the line of intuition, the line of vialascivia, the resects of the bracelets, bibliography, how does this cut tent work in the body, Fingertips, Fingers, Phalanges, Thumb, Life line, Head Line, Heart line, Fate line, Sun line, Mercury Line, Lines of love and affection.


Early History of Palmistry, Types of Hands, Mounts of the Hand, Lines of the Hand, Cause of the Lines, Other Signs, The Fingers, The Nails, The Thumb, An Incident, Health Conditions, Criminal Tendencies Shown, Murderer Steward’s Hand, Unfortunate Hands, Insanity Shown, Revealing the Future, As Applied to Marriage, Reading Children’s Hands, Palmistry and Other Sciences, Studying Palmistry, Palmistry and Sentiment, Constitutional Infirmities, General Characteristics, Valedictory, Reading Polly’s Palm, The Hand.


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