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Diploma in Nursing Administration

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Nurse administrators are also responsible for implementing the necessary nursing procedures in a healthcare facility. Their administrative duties include attending meetings, conducting performance reviews, and developing personnel procedures. Their role is managerial and office-based.


Course Name: Diploma in Nursing Administration

Course Id: DNA/Q1001.
Education Qualification: 12th Pass.
Course and Exam Fee: 5000.

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No. of Questions- 30. (Multiple Choice Questions).
Maximum Marks- 600, Passing Marks- 40%.
There is No Negative marking in this module.

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Diploma in Nursing Administration
Name of PaperM. MarksPass Marks
Human Resource Management10040
Principle and Practice of Nursing Administration10040
Management of Educational Institute, Hospital and Community10040
Practical Aspects of Nursing Administration10040
Group Dynamics10040
Computer Fundamental10040
Filed Work/ Project10040


Human Resource Management

Concepts : definition – Scope of human resource management – Role of personnel function, Objectives – Advisory function – Relation to other departments – Typical organization set up of a personnel department, Explain the critical role that the HR function plays in health care operations and strategic planning, Identify opportunities for alignment of HR programs and practices to strategic initiatives of an organization, importance of Human Resources as a business partner in the practice of health care, Identify possible risks associated with regulatory or legal consequences, HR recommendations to accomplish specific strategic objectives, s linkage of Human Resources initiatives to organizational strategic objectives, Organizational-development initiatives that make HR the strategic business partner organizations, All of the functional areas within HR and how they contribute to the fully functional human resources program that supports the organization’s goals and objectives, Manpower planning – Job Analysis – Job description – Placement – Source of labor supply – Methods of selection – Tests in selection – Induction, Management Development –Meaning – Scope – Methods, Morale – Employee attitudes- Behavior – Significance of employees productivity – Job satisfaction – Job change – Job rotation – Job enlargement – job enrichment, Wage and salary administration – Principles and techniques of wage fixation – Job evaluation – Merit rating methods of wage payment – Incentive schemes.

Principle and Practice of Nursing Administration

History, Definition, concepts and theories , Role of nurse as a manager and her qualities, Principles of management, Concept, Philosophy, Purpose and Scope of Nursing and Public Administration, Administration of Health Services in India, Nursing Service in Hospital, Performance Appraisal, Staff Development and Carrier Opportunities, Explain using organization chart, Philosophy; nursing practice, Current trends and issues in Nursing, Practice standards for nursing; INC, Legal aspects in Nursing, Legal terms related to practice; Registration and licensing, Legal terms related to Nursing practice; Breach and penalties, Characteristics of a professional nurse.

Management of Educational Institute, Hospital and Community

Administration of Educational Institute, Supervision , Guidance and Counseling, Quality Patient Care and Quality Assurance, Community Health Nursing Services Administration, Management of nursing services in the hospital, Hospital & patient care units including ward management, Emergency and disaster management, Human resource management, Recruiting, selecting, deployment, retaining, promoting, superannuation, Categories of nursing personnel including job description of all levels, Patients/ population classification system, Patients/ population assignment, Assignment on duties and responsibilities of ward sister, Supervised practice in ward writing indents, preparing rotation plan and duty roaster, ward supervision, Material management: Procurement, inventory control, auditing and maintenance, Emergency and disaster management, Assignments, rotations, delegations, Directing & Leading: delegation, participatory management, Maintenance of discipline, Guidance and counseling, Maintaining discipline Faculty and staff, Curriculum: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation.

Practical Aspects of Nursing Administration

Function of Organization, Calculation of Staff Norms and Preparation of Duty Roster, Recruitment, Selection and Promotion, Staff Development, Identification of Work Control Method, Analyzed Personal and a Professional Problems of Staff Nurses and Identifying Counseling Needs, Evaluation of Nursing Care, Administration of Nursing Educational Institute, Performance Appraisal, Analysis of Records and Reports, Sample Activity Analysis, Standard Setting of Quality Nursing Care, Public Speaking, Observe the functioning of nursing administration at various level , institution, department, unit, Student will prepare rotation plan of the staff, write reports, give verbal report of the ward and assist in maintaining the inventory of the nursing unit, Visit to private and government hospital and write observation reports, Each student will practice ward management under supervision.

Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics in Nursing, Leadership, Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Administration, Communication, describe and evaluate the participation of academics and identify their perception about the importance of group dynamics for learning Nursing Management, Method: A qualitative and exploratory approach, Group processes, Management, Nursing, Teaching, dynamics contributed to the team work as well as to the interaction with the teachers, for the understanding the discipline taught, reflecting the importance of this strategy in nursing education, Group dynamics as interaction, group dynamics as a strategy for teaching and learning, increasing the quality of learning and acquiring new knowledge. Moreover, improves social skills, enabling dialogue, facilitating communication and inclusion of its members.

Computer Fundamental

Concepts of computers, Hardware and software; trends and technology, Application of computer in nursing, Introduction to Disk-Operating System: DOS, windows (all versions), Introduction: MS-Word, MS-Excel with pictorial presentation, MS-PowerPoint, MS Access, Multimedia; types & uses: Computer aided teaching & testing, Use of Internet and E-mail, Statistical packages: Types and their features, Hospital management system: Types and uses, main components of the hardware in use, input devices, Output devices and storage device, Browse the internet and conduct research for their lessons, Develop awareness, interest and contribute towards advancement of new technologies This can then be saved as a record of class then e-mailed to the whole class or posted on the course web page, Multi media: types and uses, Identify features of computer aided teaching and testing, Demonstrates skill in using multimedia.


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