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Health economics is a branch of economics concerned with issues related to efficiency.

Features of insurance market risk pools, such as group purchases.


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Diploma in Health Economic & Insurance
Name of PaperM. MarksPass Marks
Health, Development and Related Issues10040
Health Care Market, Health Policy10040
Actuarial Methods for Health and Life Insurance10040
Insurance, Actuarial, Health and Ecology10040
Health Insurance10040
Health Insurance Practice10040
Health, Development and Related Issues

Economic Development and Health: State and Scope of Health Economics, Normative economics and health, Difference between health and health care, Equity and Efficiency, The Macro Scenario: Cross Country comparison, Health Care Cost Growth, Pattern of Health expenditure in India: Public and private, Quality and Sustainability, Organization and Management of Public Health Institution. Measurements of Health: Morbidity and Mortality, Burden of Diseases, Concepts of DALY and QALY, Epidemiology and Morbidity Transition, Cost-effective analysis, Cost-benefit analysis, Cost-Utility analysis and Efficiency analysis, Heath Technology assessment and real world evidence, Economic analysis- reporting for projects.

Health Care Market, Health Policy

Health Care market and Demand for health care: Health care as an input in health, Notion of need, Supplier Induced demand, Ex-ante and Ex-post Moral Hazard, Providers of health care: Pharmaceutical Industry, Alternative Medicine, Hospitals, Physician, Quality of Health Care: Measurement of quality of care, Measurement of health state utilities, QALYs and its alternatives- different approaches of valuing health, Multi-attribute utility instruments and their development, Issues related to Health Care Reform, Policy and Health Care Finance: Experiences of health care reform, Impact of reform, Financing health services-current spending in developing countries, correct level of funding, inadequacy of tax based funding.

Actuarial Methods for Health and Life Insurance

Life Assurance and Annuity Contracts: Pricing of life insurance contracts, equations of value, allowance for investment income, present value random variable, expected present value, variance of the present value random variable for life assurance contracts; life assurance benefits payable immediately on death; claim acceleration approximation; life annuity contracts: immediate annuity; annuity-due; temporary annuity; temporary annuity-due; deferred annuities; deferred annuities-due; and continuous annuities, Mathematical Theory of Life Contingencies: Advance Problems in mathematical theory of life contingencies; force of mortality; laws of mortality.

Insurance, Actuarial, Health and Ecology

Economics of Health Insurance: Competitive health insurance and risk adjustment, standard and sub-standard risk, Demand and supply of health insurance, asymmetric information and agency, market insurance, Market Failures, Asymmetric information, Adverse selection within health insurance, the market for lemons, full coverage, partial coverage, moral hazard, Incidence of a Tax Theory Applied to Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance, Target Effectiveness and Target Efficiency Applied to Covering the Uninsured, Social insurance, Self-insurance and protection, employment based insurance, health insurance in India, Health insurance in India: Private insurance, community-based insurance schemes.

Health Insurance

Health systems – Health care as a service – Public and Private healthcare services – players in healthcare delivery – Indian healthcare systems and health care industry – laws – regulation – pricing and practices – accreditation – patient safety and rights, Health Economics – financing models across world and in India – role of government and various bodies – public policy – need and role of health insurance – its prevalence and history – latest developments, Various types of health insurance models operating in the world – managed care – health insurance in India – regulations, legal and consumer framework – market ecosystem – healthcare industry – insurance players – TPAs – service providers,      Underwriting of health insurance products of life insurers – specific requirements – proposal forms and data – information requirements – medical examination.

Health Insurance Practice

Introduction to Health Insurance: What & Why of Health insurance – Evolution and growth of Health insurance in India – Understanding the Health System in India – Constitutional provisions in areas of Public Health – Government Health Department at the Central, State, District & Local levels – Infrastructure of the Health care system – Public & Private Health Centers & Health care providers, Health financing models and health financing in India: Health financing models – Financing of Health in India – National Rural Health Mission – Challenges of access to Health care and Service Quality – Health insurance mechanisms & Financial Protection, Health Insurance Products in India: Types of Health Insurance Products in India – Hospitalization Indemnity products – Personal Accident products – Critical Illness product – Daily Hospital Cash benefit.