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Diploma in Fire Fighting

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The purpose of the Fire fighter course is to provide firefighting knowledge and skills to meet the minimum job performance requirements for fire officers. Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to function safely and effectively as an integral member of a firefighter team.


Course Name: Diploma in Fire Fighting

Course Id: DFF/Q1001.
Education Qualification: 10th.
Course and Exam Fee: 6000.

How You will Get Diploma Certificate:

Step 1- Select your Course for Certification.

Step 2- Click on Enroll Now.

Step 3- Proceed to Enroll Now.

Step 4- Fill Your Billing Details and Proceed to Pay.

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Step 6- After Payment You will receive Study Material and Online Examination link on your email id.

Step 7- After Completion of  Course Study give Online Examination.

Step 8- After Online Examination within 7 days you will get Diploma Certificate soft copy(Scan Copy) and Hard Copy(Original With Seal and Sign) within 30 days.

Step 9- After Certification you will receive Prospect Job Opportunities as per your Interest Area.

Online Examination Detail:

Duration- 60 minutes.
No. of Questions- 30. (Multiple Choice Questions).
Maximum Marks- 600, Passing Marks- 40%.
There is No Negative marking in this module.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification.
  • Certificate Valid for Lifetime.
  • Lifetime Verification of Certificate.
  • Free Job Assistance as per your Interest Area.

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Diploma in Fire Fighting
Name of PaperM. MarksPass Marks
Fire Introduction10040
Methods of Operation10040
Fundamental of Fire Science10040
Fire Control Technology10040
Health & safety During Fire10040
Types of Fire Attacks10040


Fire Introduction

Physical training & Drills, Fundamentals of chemistry, Fundamentals of Fire & Safety, Discipline Specific Generic Electives –physics, Entrepreneurship Development, Internship, Physical training & Drills, Fire Service Hydraulics, Safety Engineering and its Industrial Applications, Town Planning & Safety in Construction Industry, Safety in Oil & Gas Industry, Physical training & Drills, Fire Fighting Operations, Industrial Safety Management.

Methods of Operation

History of Operations Research, Stages of Development of Operations Research, Observe the problem environment, Analyze and define the problem, Develop a model, Select appropriate data input, Provide a solution and test its reasonableness, Implement the solution, Site visits, Conferences, Observations, Research, Define: Use, Objectives, limitations, Analyze: internal-external data, facts, Sufficient inputs to operate and test model, Tools and Techniques, Linear Programming, Game Theory, Decision Theory, Decision Theory.

Fundamental of Fire Science

Fire Tech & Design, Construction Safety, Industrial Safety, Environmental Safety, Safety of People in the event of Fire, Fire Risk Assessment, Fundamental of Fire Engineering Science, Fire Control Technology, Fire Fighting Drills, Classification of fire, Portable fire extinguishers, Pumps and primers, Foam and foam making equipments, Hose and hose fittings, Water relay systems, Breathing apparatus, Small gears, Fire protective clothing, Ladders, Ropes and lines, bends & hitches, Fire prevention, Special appliances, Fire fighting codes and standards, Electrical fire hazards, Structures under fire.

Fire Control Technology

Definition of Matter and energy, Physical properties of matter like Density, specific gravity, Relative density, Vapour density, Melting & Boiling point, flammable limits, latent heat, Effects of density on behaviour of gases, , Basics of oxidizing and reducing agents, Acids. Flammable liquids- classification and types of tanks, Dust and Explosion, Liquid and Gas Fires, LPG, Elements of Combustion, Products of Combustion, Heat of reaction and calorific value, Flash point, Fire point, Ignition temperature and spontaneous combustion.

Health & safety during Fire

Fundamentals of fire engineering science, fire control technology, principles of industrial safety and accident prevention, leadership, communication & soft skills, risk management and hazard control system, health, safety, environmental engineering and construction safety, industrial safety, construction industry safety, Catalyst, Neutralization, Sublimation, Heat of decomposing, Chemical reaction, Exothermic reaction and endothermic reaction.

Types of Fire Attacks

Protective equipment/clothing, Salvage equipment/materials: Brooms, buckets, tubs, mops, objects to cover, salvage covers, squeegees, and water vacuums, Extrication/rescue equipment/materials: Blanket, vehicle stabilization equipment, electrical connectors, electrical (extension) cords, electrical power supply (portable or mounted), long spine board, shoring material, short spine board, KED, or equivalent, stokes basket, skid, or equivalent, stretcher.


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