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Diploma Course in Yoga Therapy

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Diploma Course in Yoga Therapy program is suitable for yoga teachers.

health professionals, experienced yoga practitioners.


Course Name: Diploma Course in Yoga Therapy

Course Id: DCYT/Q0001.
Education Qualification: 10th Class.
Course and Exam Fee: 2500.

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Online Examination Detail:

Duration- 60 minutes.
No. of Questions- 30. (Multiple Choice Questions).
Maximum Marks- 600, Passing Marks- 40%.
There is No Negative marking in this module.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification.
  • Certificate Valid for Lifetime.
  • Lifetime Verification of Certificate.
  • Free Job Assistance as per your Interest Area.

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Diploma Course in Yoga Therapy
Name of PaperM. MarksPass Marks
Fundamentals of Yoga10040
Principles of Raj Yoga & Hath Yoga10040
Anatomy, Physiology & Related Disorders10040
Human Consciousness & Yoga Therapy10040
Yoga Therapy10040
Acupressure, Pranic Healing & Marma Therapy10040
 Fundamentals of Yoga

Concept of Yoga and Health in Indian Traditional Systems of Medicine i.e. Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Siddha Systems of Medicine, Utility and Limitations of these systems in relation to Yoga and health, Yogic Concept of Health: Meaning and definitions, Concept of Adhi and Vyadhi, Role of Yoga in preventive health care – Heyamdukhamanagatam Tapatrayas , Kleshas and Anatryas, Concepts of Trigunas, Pancha-mahabhutas, Pancha-prana and Pancha Koshas, Role of Yogic Positive Attitudes (Maitri, Karuna, Mudita and Upeksha) for Healthy Living, Concept of Bhavas and Bhavanas with its relevance in Health and well-being.

Principles of Raj Yoga & Hath Yoga

Hathayoga: Its Origin, Meaning, Definition, Aims and Objects, Importance in Modern era, Sign and symptoms of success in Hatha Yoga, Contribution of Nath Tradition in Hathayoga, Mitahara, Pathya and Apathya, do and don’t in Hathayoga Sadhna, Its techniques ,benefits,precautions,contraindication and classification, Principles, classification of Pranayama according to Hathayogic texts, Mudra-s (Bandha): Meaning and Definition, Mudras mentioned in Gherandasamhita and Hathayogapradeepika, Pranayama: Their techniques, benefits, precautions, contraindications and classification according to Hathayogapradeepika and Gheranda – samhita.

Anatomy, Physiology & Related Disorders

Study of – cognitive processes, Higher mental processes, feeling and emotion, mental abilities and personality, A comparative study of total personality according to Yoga and Modern Psychology, Its Meaning, definition and nature of consciousness as described in Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwad Gita, Yogasutra and Yogavashishtha; Spiritual and scientific approach to human consciousness. Yogic Method of elevation of human consciousness: Bhaktiyoga, Jnanyoga, Karmayoga, Mantrayoga, Ashtangayoga, Hathayoga, Musculo-Skeletal System : Muscle – Classification – Histology – properties of each type – distribution – Mechanism of muscle contraction (Brief) – neuromuscular transmission (Brief), ligaments.

Human Consciousness & Yoga Therapy

Composition of blood, RBC, WBC, Platelets and plasma, Hemoglobin, Coagulation and Anticoagulants, Blood groups and importance, Blood volume, Blood Pressure and diseases, Cardiovascular system: Anatomy of heart, Innervation of heart, Cardiac muscle, vessels, Electrocardiogram, Cardiac cycle and intraventricular pressure curve, Cardiac output and diseases, Anatomy of digestive system, saliva, gastric juice, Pancreatic juice, Bile, Intestinal secretion, Formation of stools, diseases of digestive system, omerules, renal tubules, compositions of urine, micturition Function of Skin, Temperature regulation, Anatomy of Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Mechanism of Vision, hearing, smell and taste, Anatomy of Nervous system, classification.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy-meaning, concept and areas, limitations, aim of Yoga Therapy, Principles of Yoga Therapy, Tools for Yoga Therapy- Yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, shatkarma, mudrabandha, dhyana, Importance of Yoga Therapy In modern times, Concept of Pancha Prana, Shatchakra, concept of Panchakosha, Classification of Yoga classes, important rules for Yoga Therapist, rules for patient, Relation between therapist – patient, Causes, Symptoms and Yogic management for some common disorders, Respiratory disorders-asthma, cold, Skeletal system-arthritis, cervical spondylitis, Causes, Symptoms and Yogic management for some common disorders.

Acupressure, Pranic Healing & Marma Therapy

History of Acupressure Principle of Acupressure, Procedure of Acupressure, Disease of Eye, Glaucoma Night blindness, Day blindness, Color blindness, Diplopia  Cataract, Disease of Ear  Otitismedia  Tinnitus, Disease if Mouth, Throat & Nose.  Tonsillitis  Adenicos  Sore Throat  Tooth Ache  Gingivitis  Sinusitis  Epitasis  Cervical Pain, Shoulder pain, Lumber pain, Sciatica pain  Disease of Heart  Hypertension & Hypotension  Angina Pectoris, DISEASE OF KIDNEY & URINARY STONE-  Kidney stone Stone in Urinary Bladder  Enlarged Prostate Gland  Bed wetting, Pranic Healing & Reiki therapy (Basics only), Marma Vigyan: – Strotas – Kostas.