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Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics

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Dietetics is the science of how food and nutrition affects human health.  Dietitian nutritionists use nutrition and food science to help people improve their health. Nutrition and dietetic technicians work with dietitian nutritionists to provide care and consultation to patients. It helps people establish good connections between healthy weights and overall health.



Course Name: Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics

Course Id: CND/Q0001.
Education Qualification: 12th Class.

Duration: 90 Hrs.

How You will Get Diploma Certificate:

Step 1- Select your Course for Certification.

Step 2- Click on Enroll Now.

Step 3- Proceed to Enroll Now.

Step 4- Fill Your Billing Details and Proceed to Pay.

Step 5- You Will be Redirected to Payment Gateway, Pay Course and Exam Fee by Following Options.

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Step 6- After Payment You will receive Study Material on your email id.

Step 7- After Completion of  Course Study give Online Examination.

Step 8- After Online Examination you will get Diploma Certificate soft copy(Scan Copy) and Hard Copy(Original With Seal and Sign).

Step 9- After Certification you will receive Prospect Job Opportunities as per your Interest Area.

Online Examination Detail:

Duration- 60 minutes.
No. of Questions- 30. (Multiple Choice Questions).
Maximum Marks- 100, Passing Marks- 40%.
There is no negative marking in this module.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification.
  • Certificate Valid for Lifetime.
  • Lifetime Verification of Certificate.
  • Free Job Assistance as per your Interest Area.


Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics
Community Nutrition

Planning and conducting nutrition education programmes, Evolving and standardization of cheap, nutrition recipies using various food suitable for vulnerable groups, Surveys, Preparation and use of projected and non-projected teaching aids for imparting nutrition education programmes, Food adulteration : Laws governing the food standards. Common methods of detecting food adulteration at home, Principles of planning, executing and evaluating the nutrition education programmes, Nutrition Education : Study of existing daily dietary pattern in relation to socio-economic and Psychological aspects, importance of nutrition education for the community.

Diet Therapy and Applied Nutrition

Nutritional requirements and recommended allowances for the entire life span including periods of normal and physiological stress and strain, Nutritional care of special groups infancy childhood, adolescent, pregnancy, lactation and old age and athletes, Principles of emergency feeding, Principles of therapeutic diets, Introduction – Intravenous feeding, soft, liquid and pos operative feedings, Cardiovascular disease – Hypertension and heart disease, Computer applications in Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition and AIDS and skin diseases, Nutrition and Cancer, Elimination diets in allergy, Chronic disorder like gout.

Institutional Food Administration

Review of different types of institutional food service operation – Commercial and non– commercial, Meal planning in institution – Basic factors in institutional meal planning, Menu types of service portion control, Maintenance of standard serving methods, techniques of preparation of food in large quantity, food habits, food costs, maintenance, use of waste foods, Management : Definition and function. Tools of management – Organization chart, job analysis, job specification, job evaluation and worksheet, decision making, communication process and methods, Personnel management : Types of personnel required, personnel relationship, methods of recruitment, welfare provision for employees – health, safety, recreation. Meal of employees labour and food laws.

Public health and Nutrition

understand various aspects of Public Health, Nutritional problems prevailing in the country, their epidemiology and demography, assessing and improving community health and government policies and programmes for control and prevention, Develop holistic approach and knowledge base and understand the concept of health, nature and importance from the individual and community perspective, Know the importance of epidemiology and demography in health, Know the factors affecting the health and nutritional status of the community, Understand the causes, determinants and consequences of nutritional and health problems in the society, Various approaches and ongoing schemes and programmes for improving nutrition and health.

Human nutrition

To understand the principles of menu planning, To plan and acquire skill in preparing meals for various age groups and physiological conditions at different income levels, Principles involved in planning menu, techniques of writing menus, importance of meal planning underlying factors which should be considered before planning meals, use of weight and measures, selection of major food groups, ICMR basic five, RDA, its computation, Space Nutrition: nutritional requirements, specials considerations for processing, Nutrition for industrial workers: Nutritional requirements of worker, causes of nutrition among industrial workers, measures of improving their nutrition.

Dietetics and Diet Counseling

Understand the psychology of the patient, Prepare the patients for food acceptability, Create awareness among the communities about the importance of diet and good health, Develop humanistic approach towards patients, Role of a dietician in a hospital and community, team approach to nutritional care, ethical code and responsibility, Diet counseling skill: Tactics and techniques of counseling- evaluating and understanding the clients attitude, how to identify and express your feelings towards the client, utilizing proper counselling techniques- non verbal behavior, verbal behavior, covert behavior, Concepts and principles in communication and their application in developing skills in counseling use of communication aids, communication and interviewing skills.


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