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Certificate Course in Mobile Repairing

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Mobile Repairing course includes Generations of mobile phones, components used in mobile handsets.

mobile phone hardware troubleshooting, installation of software, flashing, use of secret codes, PC based diagnostic tools.


Course Name: Certificate Course in Mobile Repairing
Course Id: CCMR/Q001.
Education Qualification: 10th Pass.

Duration: 90 Hrs.

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Step 9- After Certification you will receive Prospect Job Opportunities as per your Interest Area.

Online Examination Detail:

Duration- 60 minutes.
No. of Questions- 30. (Multiple Choice Questions).
Maximum Marks- 100, Passing Marks- 40%.
There is no negative marking in this module.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification.
  • Certificate Valid for Lifetime.
  • Lifetime Verification of Certificate.
  • Free Job Assistance as per your Interest Area.


Certificate Course in Mobile Repairing


Fundamental of Electronics
Mobile phone Technology
Mobile Maintenance & Repair
Basic and Advanced Troubleshooting
Disassemble and assemble
Concept of mobile Network
Fundamental of Electronics

Introduction to Electronics: Types of materials viz. Insulator, conductor, semiconductor Common Insulators, Conductors (Copper, Silver, and Gold) Semiconductors (Germanium, Silicon), AC & DC signals Everyday Use of Current, Application, Difference and advantages of each Generation of AC, DC currents, Sources of Power, Battery, power. OHMS Law, calculation Examples, Resistor, capacitor, inductor, transformers, transistors, (8 hrs) Color coding, capacity of resisters, Type of Resisters. Capacitor Types paper electrolytic. Inductor types, Working, PNP, NPN types. Amplifiers, Transformers, step up, step down, AC to DC converter, Power adapters, Introduction to binary system Counting, Hex system, bits, byte megabyte, giga byte. Why Binary counting, Storage of data, Advantages of binary.

 Mobile phone Technology

Introduction to Signal transmission, Modulation, demodulation Modem Working Amplitude modulation, frequency modulation,  Carrier frequency,   Amplification, Filters, Allocated Frequency Range for Radio, telephone Mobile TV signals. Modem Types, speed of transmission, Various cards, PCMCIA, Inbuilt cards, Introduction to Operating system, Application software Specialized software for testing, Hardware and software, Computer Desktop setting and configurations, Internet Browsing Email usage, searching information on the Internet. Downloading Info, Files Software and drivers.

Mobile Maintenance & Repair

Introduction to basic electronics and Architecture and Components of the GSM network, Concepts, Types of networks in cell phones, Dual Band(SIM) Handset, Tablets & Smartphone, Identification of components  Identification, study of service providers,  Cell phone in GSM technology, Different sections in mobiles phones, Usage of Digital Millimeter,  Resistors, Capacitors and coils, Diodes  & Transistors, Crystal, ICs & SMD’s  Identification of the different parts, Learn to understand the parts and functioning, Operating locks using different software’s  Unlocking of cell phone through software’s – Methodologies, Formatting / unlocking of cell phone.

Basic and Advanced Troubleshooting

Fault finding, troubleshooting and repairing of various faults, Common repair procedure for hardware related faults, Common repair procedure for software related faults, Water damaged repair techniques, Circuit tracing, jumper techniques and solutions, Troubleshooting through schematic diagrams, Use of internet for troubleshooting faults, Advanced troubleshooting techniques. Trace the PCB through jumper/ schematic diagrams, repair track using jumpering techniques, Perform flashing and troubleshooting of high end software, Comply with safety norms while working on PCBs, Find faulty PCB track using multimeter/ missing track needing jumper, Apply liquid soldering flux to the points needing solder jumper wire, Cut jumper wire to desired length and remove its lamination using blade cutter, Hold one end of the jumper wire and solder it to one point of the given faulty circuit track.

 Disassemble and assemble

Identify applications used in windows/ android mobile system, Demonstrate process of making Ringtone/Sing tone/ Editing Video Clip/ Basic photo editing using apps, Demonstrate downloading procedure/ registration procedure via banking/sharing internet via hotspot/ file sharing procedure of Bluetooth/data cable/ OTG/ card reader, Assemble/Disassemble of Smartphone via different tools, Identify different types of ICs and replace with blower machine, Apply Process of password cracking, Install various Operating Systems (OS) in given Smartphone handset, Demonstrate Reboot procedure.

Concept of mobile Network

Explain Block/ Circuit diagram of basic mobile phone viz. DCT 3, 4 or similar, Identify & test given components of Mobile Phone, Disassemble/ assemble mobile phones, Identify basic faults in given mobile handsets, Troubleshoot GSM/ WCDMA mobile, their testing/ repair, Identify given network connection problem and resolve it, Demonstrate lock/ unlock of SIM, check mobile IMEI number, Explain working process of USB/ Ethernet port. Identify various multimedia handsets, Test Battery using multi meter, Explain function of given multimedia handset, Check the connection of given motherboard of basic multimedia handset, Explain working & replacement procedure of speaker/mic/ vibrartor/earphone connector/charging connector/data cable connector.