Online Exam


Online examinations or Computer Based Exams are exams conducted through the web for remote candidate(s). Online examinations are getting popular over time. This mode of assessing the capability of people is especially valuable for those organisations which deal in assessment/ enrollment /education etc.

In earlier times everybody had to assemble in a single physical location at the same time to take an exam. With online examination systems like IISDT, students can take the exam online on their computers, at their own time and using their own device.

There are huge advantages of online examinations over traditional paper based testing. The primary benefit is that it allows remote candidates to be assessed. Also evaluation can be automated for objective questions. Also a large variety of type of questions can be used. Some of these questions can use videos / voice or rich media which are a big advantage for such subjects like music, languages etc.

Some of the other key advantages are as listed below :
• It’s more secure.
• It saves money if used with remote proctoring.
• It saves more time.
• It allows detailed reporting of results
• It allows detailed analysis of question responses

IISDT is Learning Spiral’s platform for conducting secured High Stake Exams. It has been used successfully for conducting Nationwide Entrance exams. Its features include support for question authoring, question bank management, RTI and Audit trails, Secured Paper Delivery, Remote Proctoring, Support for more than 50 types of question items, Support for surveys, formative exams and also summative exams. The application is highly scaleable with an ability to handle very large volumes.